Testimonials about Peek-A-Boo Pillows®

“I would like to order another pillow for a little girl for my other friend's 2 yrs old too. I can't tell you how much Jane loves the pillow. She hugged me twice! I gave it to her for her bday, but I knew she would like it for her granddaughter.”
Debbie Nansel, Baily, Colorado

“The darling larger version of my Cute Cats pillow arrived today. You are amazing. It came so quickly. I so appreciate your making it right for me, i.e, no increase in price and no additional shipping. I will order from you in the future. Your product is adorable and your customer service even better. Thank you.”
Mary Jaggers,

”Rylee would like to thank you for the special pillow you made her. She is very impressed with it. She absolutely loves it. She takes it to bed every night and sleeps with the Teddy. Thank you.
Heidi Barry, Arlington, Oregon

"Your pillows continue to delight my clients and friends. I just had an opportunity to give another little pink pillow to a friend who just had a baby girl. It was so wonderful - when I was in Bozeman, I bought several extras at the store to stock up for just such an occasion. They are so delightful and save me from running around to find the perfect gift as I already have it ready and waiting - so they continue to delight not only clients and friends, but myself as well.
Thanks again for such a brilliant idea and execution!"

Marlene Dankworth, Architectural Antiques
2520 S.W. 28th Lane, Miami, FL 33133

"Honestly, those pillows are so wonderfully clever, creative and cute. And my lads absolutely love them. Keaton takes his to school for nap time--his request. Kylie's is prominently on her bed. And Kullen (the 15 month old) - well, I guess he likes his too".
Kenneth Whittakter
Newberg, Oregon

"They came this afternoon! I am AMAZED!
And they are beautiful! Julia and I just about swooned when we saw the "flower child bear".
These little girls will LOVE them!"
Beth Ryan, Connecticut

"I first became enchanted with Purple Cow Creations at a gift show that I attended last year. I fell in love with Julie's wonderful creative pillows and preceded to buy 5 of them. My children are now grown and so I had to find children to give them to. Well, between grandchildren (ages 5-9) and young nieces in the same age range I found plenty. Actually one, a Purple Cow pillow, was purchased for myself and sits on a prominent chair in my living room. The others that I purchased were given to 4 delightful children. There is little that matches the pleasure I got when I watched their eyes light up when they opened their pillow and saw the inside animals -- even the 9 year old boy loved his pillow made in a forest material with a floppy bear inside. The pillows also provoked a delighted response from the parents because they were so unique.
I highly recommend Purple Cow Creations and the products. In fact, I was so delighted, I went back again this year and bought myself a Corp of Discovery, Sacajewea Pillow."

Kathy Divens
Vancouver, Washington

"We received the peek a boo pillow and love it. Can't wait for

Beverly Tiger

"Dear Purple Cow Creations:
We just wanted to let you know how wonderful your Peek A Boo pillows are. We have had them in our shop for over 2 years now. Once we sell some our customers come back for more. It is wonderful to see the smiles on our customers faces when they first "discover" the pillows! The Pillows bring such delight to everyone. They are absolutely the best gift
item we have ever sold. Thank You for such a fine product.

Judy and Julie
The Artshoppe
Bozeman, Mt.

"As expected our customers are loving your pillows. We have only seven
left of our initial shipment. We would appreciate shipment, as soon as possible, of an
additional 30 pilllows, as indicated on the following order form. Thank you for making a wonderful

Lynn Alfred,
The Dancing Sheep,
12712 Larchmere Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44120

"Got your order on Saturday. . . Thanks for the extra effort-- they are
every bit as terrific as we remembered them. . . ."

Renee' of Molly Tilly
Gina of Hucklebeary Hollow

"Everyone who walks into our store loves your Peek-A-Boo Pillows. Little
kids tug and pull their parents to see them and adults love them as well!"

Deborah Nansel,
Interior Elements
Conifer, Colorado 80433

"Thank you so much!! I do enjoy your pillows and love giving them as
Linda Pollock