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"Beautiful Bovine" Purple Cow Painting by Jean Shelton (2007)
Purple Cow Painting titled
"Moona Lisa" by Jean Shelton (2007)
Purple Cow Painting"Moo Casa" by Judy Nansel (2005)

Purple Cow Quilt Square by Julia Faircloth (2003)

Purple Cow Quilt Square by Julia Faircloth (2003)

Purple Cow Collection

Owner, Julie Faircloth started collecting purple cows about 25 years ago. The original intention was to find a vintage purple cow creamer that looked just like the one her mother owned when Julie was a child. But along the way she, her family and friends found and created all kinds of purple cow items - creamers, planters, salt and pepper shakers, poster, needlepoint, cookie jar, painting, quilt squares, banks, stuffed cows, etc. In addition, purple cows started showing up at family reunions (see sidebar).

Her mothers purple cow creamer was destroyed when a fire completely burned the family home in 1962. That creamer was vintage 50’s with a bell and a tag handing from its neck. The famous poem “I never Saw A Purple Cow” was printed on the tag.

Through the years in an odd sort of way the memory of that purple cow has created a strong family connection to a memory of a fun loving mother of ten children. If you would like to read more about it, Julie’s sister, Judy tells a wonderful story about the purple cow creamer.

Purple Cow Creamer. . . . The search continues. . .

udderly ridiculous purple cow collector pillow

udderly ridiculous back side
Purple Cow Collectors “Udderly Ridiculous” Peek-A-Boo Pillows® This is the second Purple Cow Pillow Design. It is signed and dated by Julia Faircloth. More Details