Eddie taking a Nap with a Peek-A-Boo Pillow
This picture was taken by Tami Faircloth, Julia’s daughter. Tami’s dog, Eddie likes to sleep with a Peek-A-Boo Pillow. The pillow Eddie likes is one of our most popular designs “Moose Creek”.
In addition to sleeping, another of his most enjoyable past times is playing his favorite game “Where’s the Moose?” Eddie has Tami trained to hide the pillow with the moose tucked inside. Next, with wagging tail and cocked ears he cues Tami to say, “Eddie, where’s the moose?” And then the frenzied search begins! When Eddie finds the pillow he nudges open the pillow door with his nose and gently retrieves the moose. Eddie takes the moose back to Tami. He will play the game until Tami gets tired!

moose creek pillow closed
Here’s the pillow that Eddie loves.